Hajr Stones – The best choice for your pebble stone flooring!

Have you ever thought about how pebbles are formed?

It’s fascinating to know that nature has made a perfect method for all its creations.

Pebbles are rock fragments formed by the continuous rushing of water that smoothens the surface. Other than adding to the aesthetic value, pebbles have got numerous advantages. Pebble stone flooring used in walkways, driveways, paths on grass, verandahs, gardens changes the whole aura of the place, transforming it into a classic space.

Our polished pebbles are extensively used to give an ethnic glance to landscapes, these are apt for palm grooves. Our polished pebbles are highly efficient in increasing the beauty of lawns and gardens in homes, offices, and hotels.

If you are planning to buy pebbles in bulk, to beautify your garden or to fill your favourite pots, Hajr gives you the finest quality pebbles at affordable prices.

Our team works hard to meet our clients’ requirement, whether it’s pebble stone outdoor flooring or pebble stone concrete resurfacing.

To embellish your garden, we can offer decorative pebble stones at an affordable price.